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Published on 24 December 2021 at 13:02

How to pick a ring for your engagement? Do you even want to be engaged? Or woud you like to seal a very special friendship or seal the fact that you love each other without a legal seal on it. All fine with us. We give everyone the special treatment you need to get for these kind of customs. 


This starts with an engagement and/or a token of friendship / love.

The fact is that everyone is different and everyone has different needs. When picking your piece of jewelry for your significant other you might step into a pitch black forest full of trees and you do not see any way out anymore. 


This is where we come in. We advise you to always custom make such a ring or any other jewelry piece made for a significant other. This is a new step in your lives and we have to make this special for the both of you. (special does not nessesairily equal expensive). 

At this point you kinda have to step into the life of a private investigator. What to do? And where to start? 


- Sneak up to your significant other's night cabin. Or another place where the jewelry is kept. Check out what is in fashion with this person. Check out what they love. Make pictures and save them on your phone in a special folder so you won't lose them. 

- Whilst you are there, you can also measure the rings. Which one is kept on the ring finger? Measure the inner diameter of the ring and keep this close to you. Write it down, photograph it and save it in the folder. 

- Don't call the folder "ring inspiration" because we (significant others) will find out. 

- Ask questions, but don't be too bold. "What is your favorite small buisiness actually?" "Who is your favorite creator?" "If you had to pick a museum from any artist dead or alive, which one would you go to?" "What is your fav clothing brand actually?" all this kind of information is easily turned around to inspiration for us to sketch on. 

- Check their social media stories (Instagram) for jewelry brands they follow and what is shared by the person you love. 


All of this information is more than welcome to us, the more information the more perfect the designs will be. More information about our handling policy with customs is find in the custom section on this website. 

The gemstones, do we need diamonds? What is out there? 


As you might already know we only work with honest gemstones. This means we do not order anything from uncle Ali or get our stones from sketchy companies. We are honest about them, if they are heat treated or syntheticly grown, you'll know. We try to get all of our gems from lapidarists we trust in this. We can also cut stones ourselves but since this is very time consuming we tend to go to another party for this. 


The answord by the way, no, you do not need the highest super fine quality of diamonds which will cost you 10K at the least. There are so many more options. When it comes to diamonds you have the 4 C's which stand for Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat. 
Diamonds are quite standard and most used for engagement rings. 

- Did you ever think about rough diamonds? Rough diamonds are beautiful! they also have the spark and compliment the rough shape of a piece of jewelry. 

- Colorful diamonds, such as champagne & brown diamonds are also very fancy and state of the art. And so shiny! This touch of color might make the piece of jewelry perfect for your partner. 

Because an engagement ring is worn daily the gemstones can't be too soft to wear. And if you do, please concider that the ring might be taken off so now and then. 

Actually any facetted gem would be beautiful and would make such a ring way more special. 


- What about tourmalines? Tourmalines come in many shapes, sizes and color. The color range is immense! 

- A lovely bright grass green? What about peridot? Purple or pink, did you hear of Amethyst? Would like a brown /yellowish tone you could look at citrine or heat treated amethyst. 


It is also definately possible to pick a stone yourself and deliver it to us. Maybe there is an old ring involved? 


So what about the metals? 

We can work with any kind of metal, from sterling silver up to 24K gold. (24K gold is not recommended for rings by the way, it is very soft). What metal would you want? We can do anything so do not worry about that. 

If you have old jewelry to deliver please note that we do not take any jewelry without a stamp in it and we do not mix types of gold/silver. 


Well if you have taken this all in account and you'd want us to make your friendship/ love / engagement ring. let us know. we'll make sure we'll make this a fun project together. In this way you really put something from your heart into this token of love. 

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