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Welcome to Wolfstone 

We share a passion for creating jewelry, lapidary arts, home accessories and art.

Story time! 

Autumn of 2019, One was just One. Wandering the world on its own, One was doing fine; discovering its possibilities, enjoying its delights, enduring its trials, living life but reflecting and wondering about its next steps. Even though One was having a good time, One felt a bit like going in circles.

Around that same time in 2019, Two was experiencing the same symptoms life can give. Struggling in some ways, Two kept its head up and didn't give in, just like One. Both of them had fun but also difficult times.

A little while later, One and Two met. One introduced herself as Kaat, Two called himself Huib. Immediately it became clear; these two were bound from first sight. What started as friendship, continued into a relationship.

About a year later, Huib discovered his love for creating jewelry, something Kaat had been doing for a longer period.
Finally he found his outlet for creativity. They bundled their passion, knowledge, craftsmanship and vision and Wolfstone was created.


A small story about our history and how Wolfstone started. We hope you love our products as much as we love making them!


With much love, 

Kaat & Huib
Handofthewolf X Jarknasteinn


Interest in us, eh? Well then, head over to your comfortable chair with a cup of tea. Let's get personal.

Below you will find 2 seperate stories and how those two stories merged.

My name is Huib. Born on the 1st of April 1991 in Oosterhout. I've always been a creative and productive one in my teen years but because of some turbulent years after that, my creativity went out the door and were substituted with way less relaxing and fun things. Things that shall not be named here, but let me assure you, none of them were healthy... My unhealthy lifestyle was also circled by 80-100 hours workweeks and needless to say, if I wasn't exhausted by the unhealthy living, my work made sure I was not in a healthy mindset at all. Yes, bad bad times, indeed.

Then things changed.  I finally stood up for myself, sought help and the help I got changed my life in tremendous ways. I discovered mental health really was a thing after all. Slowly as I was healing, my mind (and the world) began opening up again, which leaded to the One meets Two story and meeting my lovely girlfriend Kaat! For me, the woman is an 11/10. I'm absolutely no Romeo and I most certainly don't like cringy stuff, but I'll say it once: I love her with all my heart.

No curly toes yet? Well good haha! I do hope you have a bit more time?

As my past was still slowly lifting it's grip on me, my creativity came back! Creative ideas I didn't have for over 10 years were flooding straight back into my mind.  

Some time later Kaat and I went to a gemshop nearby. There I found some rough Boulder Opal and thought; "why not give it a try". After a long time of cutting and polishing them in prehistoric ways (no tools but pieces of sandpaper with 8 different grits), I made some wooden pendants which people really liked, and they were out the door real quick. It gave me such a rush! "What?! I made something, and people actually like it alot?!"

Some investments in tools were made, and thanks to a crazy silversmith-toolcrate christmas gift by Kaat, I was able to start working with 925 silver. Off I went! And yeah well, let's just say I had to keep myself in check not to get addicted to the silversmithing haha. From soldering to casting to engraving, I just had to know it all. I studied and studied and then did some more study on the processes of silversmithing and with my third try I managed to make a Boulder Opal pendant for Kaat. Completely from scratch, I was so proud! Luckily for me, she was really happy with the result as well:)

I didn't stop researching and studying (yes I still keep myself in check, don't worry haha), which meant investing once more and we gained the option to start casting silver, using Delft Clay method. Most of our jewelry we sell these days are made using this method. For now, we will continue with the methods we have but I'm always thinking ahead, thinking of new steps and methods. You're never done learning.

The support we received up till now has made it possible for us to keep doing what we really love, to keep doing what we are really passionate about. Starting a company has been a lifelong dream for both of us, and thanks to a lot of people, that dream is fullfilled. 


Thank. You. So. Very. Much!


There it is. Another small non-fictional story about my personal (and our) journey up until now. It's been quite a ride! And even though nothing is for certain, for now I'm not letting my foot of the pedal.


Hi there! My name is Kaat! I was born in Tilburg (in the south of the Netherlands, Roadburn hometown) on the 1st of December 1990. I have always been a creative little bee. As I was a kid I was always tinkering, drawing something or creating anything. 
As I grew up I did more and more with art and all the while also my love for gemstones grew. When I was 12 I actually had quite a big collection (which I sold because I wanted a new bike). 
After high school I naturally went to Art School (St. Joost in Breda) but after being way to stubborn to listen to the art teachers I really wanted to do my own thing. I turned to engineering! In the end I always wanted to be an architect and create buildings to make the world a better place. But due to the trials of life and having quite a harsh time and really wanting to live progressively, I didn't really fit in my job as an engineer after all. Being a feminist / sustainability protestor / caring about animals and the green stuff called plants wasn't really accepted there as well. So, I became a Engineering Teacher and I really love that I can help people growing up and teach them about engineering but also help them to be a better person for themselves and also for the environment. 

In between this switch of jobs, quite a miserable time as I was writing before. I met Huib. He sparked my interest for art again, during all those trials of life I kind of forgot how to use my creativity. One room in the house was reserved for me as an atelier and there I went. Again rediscovering my love for painting and creating things. I started making jewelry as I was doing years before. He was the biggest support during this time and still is. And I am so grateful for having him in my life. I was also starting to live my life as I wanted to and spritually opening up. The world is at our feet! And it really feels amazing. In this spiritual journey I also took Huib with me, introducing him to my witchy ways. Doing rituals together and also due to the food (we witches love making food, don't we) he loves doing this! 

We grew in being a team and I took him with me to the gemshop where I went to shop for some minerals and gems to put in some of my jewelry. Which by now, alot of you people have in your collection! This support means to world to us! He bought some boulder opal and he started to enroll with me in making jewelry. Then, we really wanted to do an "ambacht" and we were thinking of working with silver. After Huib did ALOT of research and I did my thing with social media we decided to go and work with silver. We had so much support from all of you! We decided to start our own business, for real this time. I was anxious at first because I was not looking forward to the administration part. But we are together as a team and together everything seemed doable. We each have our strengths and weaknesses, and where one falls a bit short, the other picks up! 

I think it is really cool that we didn't have any education but are self-taught jewellers. We had to start from scratch (even though we are both handy people)! Huib is the real researcher in our team so naturally he taught me alot about how to work with silver. After that I started to find that I can make almost any shape as I like. 

It is great that I can switch between making art and making jewelry. I get so excited for creating silver pieces, but it is really calming for me to work on my paintings. It really comes in a natural flow and now we are doing what we both love. It looks like it really richened our lives. We can do what we love, and that is great! 

It became part of us, we put a lot of passion and devotion in making our products. We are still learning, and this is what makes this so great. The potential is huge and there is so much to learn! 

Thank you all for all of your support for us! I hope you enjoyed these little stories about our lives. <3 



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