Recycling and Re-use boxes

Published on 16 December 2021 at 13:45

We all find it very important to reduce waste. The main key in our sending policy is to re-use as many materials that we have at hand. Most of it is sent to us personally and we re-use boxes, silk paper, stuffing etc etc. 


We wanted to to take it up a notch and help others to re-cycle and re-use their products. We all get sent something to us, and the boxes that they come in are perfectly fine to use again. 


We added our own template for downloading in the button below. so you can print this and use it for your own sendings. It is open source and free to use. Also, feel free to make your own. (we like a mention for inspiration but do not feel that you have to). 


Some other tips: 

- Do not sticker & add your logo's to the box, this might cause that other shops are not willing to re-send the box. 

- Keep the boxes clean and in one piece. Also some sticky tape will help, in this case it is fine to use it (even though it contains plastics). there are also paper based tapes available for packaging. 

- Always take the adress & barcodes of the former owners off the box, this mostly happens with a sticker. If it is written you can paint over it & add a new sticker over it. 

- You can always bedazzle the box with beautiful stickers without logo's. 


We love you! And we love re-using stuff. We hope to inspire you not only with our arts and crafts. But also to maintain a green policy. 

Box Passport Template printable
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Box Passport Template printable JPEG
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7 months ago

Wat een fantastisch idee!