Welcome to our story realm

Welcome to the Story Realm at Atelier Wolfstone, where we invite you to explore the intricate details of our work, our unwavering commitment to sustainability, and the inspiring journey of business coaching that underpins our creations. Immerse yourself in our blog, where we share the stories behind our unique handcrafted works. Each blog post offers a deeper understanding of the artistry, eco-conscious practices, and entrepreneurial spirit that define our brand. Join us on a journey where every creation tells a story, and where sustainability and craftsmanship are at the heart of our artistic pursuit.


Beltane box 2024 - The Blossom Ablaze, a story untold

Step into a world where the enchanting whispers of three powerful witches come to life in Atelier Wolfstone's Beltane Box 2024, "The Blossom Ablaze - An Untold Story." This magical collection of products from 10 different artisans, including ourselves, unveils the essence of Beltane through the artistry of 9 unique boxes, each with its own tale.

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The Rise of Witchcore: Beyond Fashion

Witchcore extends beyond clothing, influencing lifestyle choices, home decor, and even social media trends. From spellbinding Instagram feeds to bewitching TikTok content, the Witchcore community is creating a mystical tapestry that enchants and inspires. In the realm of fashion and lifestyle aesthetics, Witchcore has emerged as a bewitching trend that draws inspiration from the mystical and magical. Much like a cauldron brewing a potent potion, Witchcore encompasses various styles that cater to different facets of the magical world.

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Unveiling Royalcore: A Regal Symphony of Fashion

Royalcore is a term referring to a group of aesthetics based on the visuals of West European royalty, spanning from Arthurian times (5th and 6th centuries) to the Belle Époque period (late 19th century). This aesthetic revolves around refinement and elegance, featuring intricate detailing, delicate colors, and opulence.

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The mystique of the whimsygoth style

In the enchanting world of alternative fashion, Whimsygoth emerges as a distinctive and captivating style that effortlessly combines whimsical elements with the dark and mysterious aesthetic of traditional goth fashion. In this blog, we'll delve into the essence of Whimsygoth style, discover the coolest brands leading the way, explore preferred dress types, and uncover how jewelry plays a crucial role in perfecting this unique fashion statement.

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