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Published on 13 May 2021 at 13:22

We make a lot of custom orders! And at this time the wedding season is just starting!

A wedding is a very special event for the new lovely couple. This means the event is personalised to very detailed extent. Everything has to be perfect that day.
As you might already know, we do alot of custom orders. We always brainstorm together with the client, to create the jewelry or art that is perfect for them. Well, it can also be perfectly tailored for your wedding. We already had multiple orders for engagement rings and we are talking with some people that are going to be wed very soon! It is definitely possible to create an engagement ring but we can also help you with your whole wedding accessories

We also made some Pinterest boards for inspiration: 

wedding inspiration pt 1

wedding inspiration pt 2

Due to the privacy of the newlyweds, or just because they haven't been asked yet, we will not share those pictures with you. But, we do share the pictures where the inspiration came from: 

For both the newly engaged and us, it's a very nice process to walk through. Lets take you with us and show you the way we treat all custom orders. All of our custom orders are treated the same, to get the perfect jewelry just for you. Either if it is for a wedding or another personal piece. 

Transparency, quality and honesty. We value it above all else when we buy something for ourselves. For that reason, you can always trust us to be just, fair and transparent whilst doing our best to deliver the highest quality possible to you.


Step 1

First, we start with your inspirations. What do you like and love? Or, if you are ordering this as a gift, what would be important for the person receiving the gift? Is there something important for you which you would like to add to the piece? Would you like engraving, or a special gemstone? If you have inspirational photos, they are always welcome but we are creative enough to do without. Don't worry - either way, we will get you what you like.

If you have a specific budget please communicate this with us, up front. We will take this into account, as we will explain later on.

Communicating, designing, smithing, painting and aftercare for a custom order takes a lot of time. Cost of materials, metals, tools, VAT, it all comes into play. 
Therefore we have decided only to accept custom orders starting at a minimum of €150. 


Step 2

After our inspirational talk we will be sketching multiple jewelry ideas for you. The more widely (or wildly) the inspiration, the more detailed the sketches will be. Or perhaps we strike gold in one go and only need one sketch, it's all a matter of your input. After all, this piece will be tailored to you, or the giftee.

Together with the sketches, we will also include the price for each different design. This way, you will have the transparency about the price and how it will look, without any surprises after.
Only if you choose to alter the design or add extra's in at a later stage, we might charge extra, but we will always let you know up front.
When desired, we can include information on all the stages of the smithing process, the hours it will take, the cost of materials and possible gemstones and other necessities during the project.

Please note that before we start designing, we kindly ask for a deposit of €50 minimum, albeit depending on your budget. After we received said down payment, we will start designing and sketching. Prices for designing will be determined by the complexity and budget of your custom order. 
For example, if your budget would be €150 for a minimalistic styled piece of jewelry, we will ask a down payment of €50 for designing. If you have a budget of a €450 for a more complex piece of jewelry with multiple different sized gemstones in different settings, we kindly ask a down payment of €75 for designing. You will receive an invoice for the design by email.

The complexity of the design will be determined by your wishes, budget and our capabilities. As said, to create the design, we will brainstorm together with you. If you find yourself a little low on inspiration, don't worry about it. We're there for you. 
There are a lot of possibilities in designs. In case you have multiple ideas but can't choose between them, we will sketch multiple different designs. Prices will be added to the different sketches, most will be on budget and some will be a bit over, or under. We will show you a range of possibilities. 


Budget: €150,- to €250     Down payment: €50 

Budget: €250,- to €500     Down payment: €75

If you have a budget of €750 or over, a down payment will be personally communicated. 
Please note: For jewelry made of materials other than 925 Sterling and 935 Argentium silver, prices of a down payment will always be personally communicated.

Step 3

Once you have agreed with the design, price and delivery date, we will send you a quotation with all information included through email. Half or full payment up front may be requested by us, depending on the amount and type of materials, gemstones, and the amount of labor needed to create your custom piece.

The cost of designing will be reducted from the total on your quotation.

Once you have fully read the quotation, signed it (this can be done digitally on the same page) and fulfilled a payment (if requested), we will start working on your piece of jewelry or art as soon as possible. 

We will do our utmost best to deliver your one of a kind custom order to you. However, if we somehow are not able to deliver and communicated this with you (e.g. illness, material shortages) you can get a full restitution of your down payment.
If you decide to cancel your order after step 2 or up, restitutions will not be possible in most cases.
Step 4
Creation! We will start working on the project, whilst keeping in contact with you to show you the process and stage which the project is in.
A custom order is a very detailed process, so make sure to tell us if you like, or don't like, what you see. We want to deliver the perfect piece to you and there is only one way to get there: to remain transparent to eachother, throughout the whole project. 

Step 5
Delivery time! When you are satisfied with the finished piece of jewelry or art and we have received the remainder of the payment, we offer different ways of shipping. We can ship it through mail or you can collect it yourself. Depending on your location we can also deliver it to you personally!
When shipping through mail, we will make sure your order will be packaged sturdy enough to survive the trip, although please note that shippers sometimes lose packages or damage them. This is something we cannot control. Every package will be shipped out with a tracking code which you will receive too, to minimize the chances of any problems along the way. 

If there is visible damage on the outside packaging, please contact us before you open it.

Please note: we are never responsible or accountable for delays caused by postal offices or shippers. 

Step 6
You've received your order and we hope you are very happy with it! Together, we have made a unique piece, something beautiful that will last a long time when maintained in the proper way. 
We hope you enjoyed the process and we wish you all the best. We are eternally grateful!

You will always receive a 6 months warranty starting from the day of delivery. Warranty only counts for defects in solder joints and fuse joints.

Silver will eventually oxidize and blacken. Take good care of your jewelry and it will last a long time.

All prices above are including 21% VAT (within Europe), excluding shipping costs. 

Huib & Kaat

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