Green and witchy gifts

Published on 26 March 2021 at 17:29

Every order gets a sheet of seed paper, it contains a mix of summer flowers which attract lovely little bees. We think this is important for the plants and our planet, we need to save the bees. Bees indicate the health of our ecosystem. Next to that also the trees (our green lungs) need the bees for pollination. This is how we help a bit.

With every order comes a little satchel of selected teas. Some we make ourselves but because our stock of selfmade tea isn't that big we also add tea that comes from little shops where we like to buy. A little bit of help to sustain and help other small shop owners!

For every order over €15 we add a ritual candle, a wax melt or these little sunny spell jars (as long as our stocks lasts). These are all made for the spring/summer intentions we can make and we love to put our positive intentions into them, we hope you love it too! Every season we have different spell jars, candles or wax melts. 

Our witchy gifts are made with selected materials from our own garden (okay, also the herb storage cupboard) and dried flowers from nature or bouquets we got from friends or family. 

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