Re-use and circularity

Published on 26 March 2021 at 17:30

Re-use and circularity

We think our environment and nature where we live in is important. This is why we re-use and use circular or bio-based materials (or materials that could be used circular). 

We order some of our products online nowadays, also for our private lives. We found that so many companies use ALOT, and we mean, ALOT of paper for their packaging. Also there's a lot of bubblewrap coming with those parcels, or plastic "nuggets", you name it. All kinds of wrapping is used. We store all of these materials and re-use them as much as possible in our own parcels. 

We also use some decorative materials such as plants. Our wrappings are always re-used or biobased. The strings we use is hemp rope which is a bio-based material. We love to add some flowers which we find in nature (those that are already dried out) or we get them from friends and family.

In most silver jewelry we create we use recycled 925 silver and sometimes also gemstones which other people would have discarded because of lesser quality or imperfections like inclusions. We think that something that's been in the Earth for millions and millions of years, should not be thrown away just because of these aesthetic reasons and we actually see the beauty of these "imperfect" gemstones and minerals. 

Any packaging that we have to order for shipping our products is made with FSC approved products. 

We have a few tips for re-using our packaging;

- Be careful when opening your box, you can re-use it yourself when you have to ship anything. This is how we started with this company. We found any type of box or paper and we re-used it into our own packaging material. 

- For protection against less careful shippers (don't get us started), we try to use the smallest possible amount of plastics. For stuffing we use straw. When you opened the package you could leave the straw in your garden or in nature. Lot's of animal species use these for e.g. building materials. Same counts for our hemp rope we use for decoration. 

- Sometimes we do use some bubblewrap. Especially when we send loose gemstones or glass items we kinda have to. You can re-use the bubblewrap for several things; for insulating because naturally bubble wrap is a very good insulator: you can wrap it around your outside plants to protect them from freezing over in winter. You could even tape alot of pieces together to put on your windshield, protecting it from freezing over. You can also use it to help your living room plants sprout by putting a sheet with little holes in it over your sprouting seeds. 

- And we also write you a thank you note. This is written on seed paper which contains a mix of summer flowers which you only have to put into some soil and let the flowers grow! The summer mix is chosen because it attracts bees and bumblebees. Which indicate the health of our environment and really helps with biodiversity and growing our plants and crops. 


Lets make this world a better place! 

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