Beltane box 2024 - The Blossom Ablaze, a story untold

Published on 26 April 2024 at 14:17

🌸 A Blossom Ablaze - An Untold Story 🌸

Step into a world where the enchanting whispers of three powerful witches come to life in Atelier Wolfstone's Beltane Box 2024, "The Blossom Ablaze - An Untold Story." This magical collection of products from 10 different artisans, including ourselves, unveils the essence of Beltane through the artistry of 9 unique boxes, each with its own tale.

Each box includes, among other things, a handcrafted piece of jewelry as well as the book "The Blossom Ablaze," which contains all the dos and beautiful narratives of Beltane. Even without the box, you can read and use this book, which is available on our website.

The boxes

🌿 In each box, you'll discover a carefully curated selection of items from Atelier Wolfstone and 10 other visionary creators, including magical self-care products, witchy homeware, whimsical jewelry, and ritual helpers. In total, there will be more than 15 items in these treasure boxes.

As Beltane approaches, we express our gratitude to the crafters, entrepreneurs, and creatives who brought these incredibly beautiful products to life, and to you, our kindred spirits, for joining us on this mystical journey. Embrace the magic, embody the mystery. Welcome to the untold story of Beltane. 🔥🌸

✨ T1 Box: Fertility ✨ Embark on a journey of renewal and endurance with our Ginkgo Leaf and Pink Chalcedony necklace. Crafted in sterling silver, this powerful piece embodies the enduring cycle of life, fertility, and growth. The Ginkgo leaf symbolizes longevity and hope, while Pink Chalcedony adds a touch of love and emotional healing.

✨ T2 Box: Blossoming ✨ Embrace the flourishing energy of Beltane with our "Blossoming" necklace featuring a wildflower adorned with a radiant Peridot. This symbol of growth, fertility, and natural essence captures the untamed spirit of Beltane. The harmonious relationship between the wildflower and Peridot mirrors the cycles of nature and the festival's vibrant energy.

✨ T3 Box: Fire ✨ Ignite the flames within with our "Fire" necklace, featuring a burning heart adorned with a faceted dark red Garnet. This potent symbol of passion and intensity serves as a reminder to embrace your inner fire, pursue passions wholeheartedly, and celebrate the vibrant energies of Beltane. The faceted Garnet intensifies the transformative power of love.

The creators and their products

🌙 @psychara -

Through her brand Bosheks and Psypuffs, Mara creates the most beautiful creatures. Beltane is the perfect moment to establish a bond with a witch familiar. Mara crafted an incredibly beautiful creature embodying her favorite animal, a snake! Each box contains one of these stunning creations!

A witch familiar is a spiritual animal companion often associated with witches and magic. Traditionally, it is believed that a witch's familiar shares a special bond with the witch, assisting her in magical practices, rituals, and spiritual work.

While the term "familiar" is commonly associated with black cats, witch familiars can take various forms, such as cats, owls, ravens, dogs, rabbits, snakes, and even small rodents like mice or rats. The choice of animal is often based on personal affinity, spiritual connection, or symbolic significance.

In folklore and literature, witch familiars are often depicted as intelligent, magical companions who can aid the witch in casting spells, protecting the home, delivering messages from the spiritual realm, or serving as guides during meditations and journeys between worlds.

🌿 @healingwandnl -

Their wands are known for their lush shapes and exquisite finishing, including stones. At Healingwand, product knowledge and craftsmanship take precedence, and you can truly see this reflected. Healingwand has added a different product for each Tier. If you have the T3, you get a full-size wand. T2, a pocket wand, and T1 comes with a wand necklace so you can always carry your wand with you.

Wands, or magic wands, are often used in witchcraft and spiritual practices as tools for focusing and amplifying intention, performing rituals, and channeling energies. Here are some ways wands can be used:

Rituals and spells: Wands are used to draw circles, trace symbols in the air, and direct energies during rituals and spells. For example, a wand can be used to mark intentions or to direct the energies of elements (such as fire, water, air, and earth) during a ritual.

Energy channeling: Wands act as conduits of energy. Witches and practitioners can focus their intention into the wand and use it to direct and manipulate energies. This can be done during meditations, healing work, or charging objects with intention.

Protection and blessings: Wands can be used to draw protective circles, banish negative energies, and to bless individuals, objects, or spaces. They can also be used to charge amulets and talismans with protective energies.

Divination: Some practitioners use wands as divination tools, similar to a dowsing rod, to find answers to questions or to feel and interpret energies.

Meditation: Wands can be used as focal points during meditations, with the practitioner focusing on the energy and symbolism of the wand to achieve a deeper state of consciousness.

🌺 -

With her wonderfully scented products, this wise woman has the knowledge to create the most beautiful ritual oils. So, there's also a specific Beltane ritual oil in the box! Additionally, Denise has created a new beautiful product for you to try. Soap! A gorgeous bar of soap that you can use for cleansing yourself, but also has the power to energetically contribute to your well-being!

Ritual oils are blends of natural ingredients, such as herbs and flowers, crafted for specific spiritual or magical purposes. They're often used in various spiritual practices to enhance intentions, purify energies, promote healing, and strengthen magical rituals. Ritual oils can be used to bless and cleanse people, objects, or spaces, to promote healing and well-being, and to support meditative and magical practices. They're a versatile tool that can be tailored to the needs and goals of individual practitioners within different spiritual traditions.

🌟 @foxandbonetattoos (also known as @hedgewitchcreations) -

Margelique has added a beautiful honor to her work. A gorgeous Beltane-inspired print and a sticker sheet to assist you with your rituals and journals. This sticker sheet includes sigils. Did you know that Margelique also creates beautiful tattoos? If you're inspired, be sure to contact her. Additionally, Margelique has also included a "phallic" shape in the box, each Beltane box has this, and each time it's made by a different creator. This is because the masculine energy also contributes to the fertility of this season. And it's also funny. That too.

Spiritual journaling is a practice where individuals write down their thoughts, feelings, experiences, and spiritual journey in a diary or notebook. The purpose of spiritual journaling can vary from self-reflection and personal growth to keeping track of rituals, spells, and magical experiences.

Sigils are symbols created by combining different letters, symbols, or graphic elements into a unique whole. They're often used in magical practices as a means to strengthen intentions, focus energies, and manifest goals.

Here are some ways you can use sigils in spiritual journaling:

Intention-setting: Create a sigil that symbolizes your intention, such as love, protection, or success. Then write this sigil in your diary as a visual reminder of your goal.

Meditation and focus: Use a sigil as a focal point during meditation sessions. Focus on the sigil to strengthen your intention and direct your awareness towards your spiritual goals.

Protection and blessings: Write sigils in your diary as protective and blessing symbols. Use them to protect yourself and your space from negative energies and to receive blessings.

Magical practices: Integrate sigils into magical practices, such as spells and rituals. Write them in your diary as part of your magical preparation and intention-setting.

Creative expression: Use sigils as a form of creative expression in your diary. Experiment with different designs and styles to create unique sigils that resonate with your spiritual journey.

Using sigils in spiritual journaling can be a powerful way to strengthen your intentions, enhance your focus, and support your spiritual growth. Experiment with different techniques and discover what works best for your practice.

🔮 @solfylte_hjorte_orakels -

For each box, Dantielle has included a reading that you can find on her website through a hidden link. This reading is fully tailored to Beltane and to your jewelry! Additionally, she has added one envelope, through which one person will win a personal reading! If you have this envelope, quickly get in touch with Dantielle for your personal reading.

Readings with tarot and oracle cards are practices where a card deck is used to gain insight into various aspects of life, such as relationships, career, spirituality, and personal growth. Here's an overview of what readings with tarot and oracle cards entail, the difference between these cards, and why people use them:

Tarot Cards:

Tarot cards are a structured deck of 78 cards, divided into two parts: the Major Arcana (22 cards) and the Minor Arcana (56 cards, similar to a regular playing deck with four suits: wands, cups, swords, and pentacles). Each card features symbolic images and meanings that can be interpreted to gain insight into different aspects of life. Tarot cards are often used for in-depth readings that address complex life issues, provide profound insights, and facilitate psychological growth.

Oracle Cards:

Oracle cards are a more diverse and flexible deck of cards, usually created by individual makers, and they can encompass various themes, images, and symbols. Unlike tarot cards, oracle cards do not have a standardized structure or number of cards. They can range from a small deck of 20 cards to an extensive set of over 100 cards. Oracle cards can be used for specific questions, daily inspiration, and general guidance. They are often more intuitive and accessible than tarot cards, making them suitable for people new to card reading. Why do we do it?

Insight and reflection: Card readings offer insight, reflection, and guidance on various aspects of life. Strengthening intuition: The process of laying out and interpreting cards can help strengthen intuition and self-awareness. Self-development: Card readings can be used as a tool for self-development, personal growth, and spiritual discovery. Assistance and guidance: Many people use card readings as a source of help and guidance in making decisions, solving problems, and finding direction in their lives. The difference between tarot and oracle cards lies mainly in their structure, symbolism, and the level of standardized interpretation. Both forms of card reading are valuable tools for self-discovery, guidance, and growth, and the choice between tarot and oracle cards depends on personal preference and the purpose of the reading.

🌸 @sweetwitchcreations -

No one just managed to do it, but Yasmin did it effortlessly! She made her own Aqua de Florida! You'll find this in every box. Additionally, she also crafted a candle for T2 and T3 contains a beautiful hand-felted goddess that you can use in your rituals.

Agua de Florida, also known as Florida water, is an herbal water with a refreshing scent that is traditionally used in spiritual and energetic practices, especially in Latin American and Afro-Caribbean cultures. It's used for cleansing, purification, protection, spiritual rituals, and energetic cleansing. It can be sprinkled, sprayed, or used as part of a cleansing bath to purify spaces, objects, the body, and people's energetic fields from negative energies and to provide protection against negative influences.

🍄 @mushroomsandmoths -

The queen of clay! This sweetheart has created a set of beautiful earrings inspired by the moon and nature for everyone. Wear the earrings with pride and carry the energy of the moon with you on your journey.

Wearing the moon as jewelry can have a deeper symbolic meaning than just aesthetics. It can be an expression of connection to the cyclical rhythms of nature and the cosmos, especially with the phases of the moon. This connection can help the wearer tap into her intuition, feminine power, and creative energy. The jewelry can also provide protection against negative influences and evoke a sense of mystique and inspiration. Overall, wearing the moon as jewelry holds a personal significance that reminds the wearer of her spiritual and symbolic connection to the universe.

🧙‍♀️ @danu_illis -

Beautiful hand-felted crowns and combs! To wear to your special occasion during Beltane, but also for another beautiful ritual or event. How cool is it to wear a costume where a crown or tiara stands as the centerpiece? In the T1 box are the Beltane combs, in the T2 box is a beautiful tiara, and in the T3 box is a stunning crown!

Wearing flower crowns during Beltane, the Celtic festival marking the beginning of summer, holds deep symbolic meanings. The flowers symbolize fertility, new life, and the blossoming of nature. By wearing flower crowns, people honor and celebrate the beauty, joy, and abundance of the season. It's a way to express connection with nature and acknowledge the cycles of growth and bloom. Moreover, flower crowns offer protection against negative energies and bring blessings for a fertile and abundant time. Essentially, flower crowns during Beltane represent a celebration of life, nature, and the promise of new growth and opportunities.

🌹 @elderrosecreations -

A creative multitasker, and you can see that reflected in the products in the box! In the T1 box are seeds you can plant during your ritual or to grow beautiful flowers in your garden. In the T2 box is a lovely bookmark with a floral theme. In the T3 box is a delightful scented candle!

During Beltane, flower seeds can be used in a ritual by planting them as a symbolic act of fertility and growth, while focusing on intentions for personal development and new beginnings.

A bookmark ritual can be performed by placing the bookmark with intention between the pages of a book. Each time the book is opened, the intention is renewed and strengthened, while the seeds symbolically grow with the knowledge and wisdom the book provides.

A candle ritual during Beltane can be performed by lighting a candle and visualizing the flame as the spark of creativity, passion, and growth. As the candle burns, intentions can be spoken for flourishing projects, relationships, and personal growth, while absorbing the warmth and power of the flame.

🌿 @littleoccultghost -

With her amazing incense blend! It's included in every box! and you can use it at home right away after unpacking. The incense blend is truly delightful! For the T3 boxes, Tess also sculpted a tarot card holder! entirely in the shape of a tree stump. This way, you can always keep your cards with you and use them.

To use loose incense on a charcoal, first place a charcoal tablet on a heat-resistant dish or a special incense burner. Then, light the charcoal with a lighter or match and let it smolder until it evenly glows. Once the charcoal is glowing well, sprinkle a small amount of the loose incense on the surface of the charcoal. The heat from the charcoal will warm and vaporize the incense granules, releasing aromatic smoke.

The amount of loose incense you use depends on your personal preference and the desired intensity of the scent. Start with a small amount and add more if needed. Be careful not to use too much incense at once, as this can smother the smoke and create an unpleasant smell.

Spiritually, incense during Beltane is often used to enhance the celebration of fertility, growth, and abundance. The aromatic smoke of incense is seen as a way to purify, strengthen, and spread intentions, while also creating an atmosphere of spiritual connection and joy during rituals and ceremonies. Using incense during Beltane can help foster a sense of harmony and spiritual connection, while celebrating the transition into the fertile season.

We, Wolfstone, also added more products to the box for you to enjoy! 

In addition to the necklaces, the box also contains:

  • An intention spray / pepperspray: With a base of pink pepper and chili pepper, cloves, and rose petals. To protect yourself, but also to literally protect yourself. It works both ways.

Setting intention: Before using the spray, take a moment to set your intention. Focus on the duality of protection - both physical and spiritual. Visualize yourself surrounded by a powerful and protective shield, both inside and out.

Using the spray: Hold the spray bottle firmly between your hands and visualize the intention you have set for the spray. Let the energy of protection and strength flow through your hands and penetrate into the spray.

Spraying: Aim the spray at yourself and spray the mist around you. Imagine the mist spreading and forming a protective barrier, providing both physical and energetic protection.

Focus on intention: While using the spray, repeat a powerful intention in your mind or out loud, such as: "I am safe and protected, inside and out."

Gratitude: After using the spray, close the ritual by expressing gratitude for the protection and strength it provides. Feel the power and safety that the spray grants you.

Repetition: Repeat this ritual as often as necessary to protect yourself and feel connected to the power of the spray. Use the spray when you want to protect yourself, both physically and spiritually, and know that it works both ways. So, carry this with you in your bag, so that if you find yourself in a situation where you need to protect yourself, you can do so.

  • A self-love ritual (T3 and T2) with a handmade candle. In the T1 box, there is only the candle. Inside the box is a glass (thrifted), where you can place your candle. Do this by melting the bottom of the candle and sticking it on. You can then light the candle and pass the flame on to another candle or use it as incense with the palo santo and homegrown mugwort!

Preparing your space: Choose a quiet and comfortable place where you can perform the ritual. Make sure you have all the necessary supplies within reach.

Cleansing and intention: Start by cleansing your space and yourself. Light the palo santo and let the smoke drift through the space while visualizing your intention for the ritual. Focus on self-love, acceptance, and inner strength.

Preparing the candle: Place the glass on a flat surface. Carefully melt the bottom of the handmade candle with a lighter or another heat source. Place the candle securely in the glass and make sure it is firmly attached.

Lighting the candle: Light the handmade candle with a match or lighter. As the flame spreads, focus on the warmth and light it brings, and visualize self-love glowing in your heart.

Passing on the flame: Take the palo santo and homegrown mugwort and let the smoke dance around the burning candle. Use the flame of the handmade candle to light another candle, as a symbol of passing on love and positive energy. You can also use the smoke as incense to further cleanse and bless your space.

Reflection and affirmations: While the candle is burning, take a moment to reflect on yourself and your own worth. Repeat affirmations of self-love and empowerment, such as "I am enough" and "I deserve love and happiness".

Gratitude and closure: Close the ritual by expressing gratitude for the love and strength you have found within yourself. Blow out the candle and thank the elements, the candle, and the smoke for their contribution to the ritual.

Let the candle burn calmly as you enjoy the warmth and positive energy it radiates. Repeat this ritual as often as necessary to feel connected to your own inner strength and love.

  • Incense cones and an energizer spell jar

  • Multi-purpose Ritual salt with ritual ash, flower petals, and essential oils. Can be used in rituals, as bath salts, as scrub salts, or to give your home a protective salt circle.

Lots of love and we wish you loads of fun with the contents of this beltane box. Thank you so much! 

Also, find our new collection in the webshop! 

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