Boulder Opal polished 02


This boulder opal is originated from the Quilpie mine in Australia.

Size: 1.1 cm x 0.9 cm x 0.2 cm 
Weight: 0.6 gram
This free from cut piece is spotless and ready to be used in jewelry, depending on your design. It has a waterlike play of color, with bright greens and blues. Please note this is free form cut which means it is not the same height all around, at one side it has about 0.25mm of a height difference.

If you wish to see a video (play of color is way more visible on videos), simply contact us.
The seam that is visible on the pictures has been polished to mirror finish.

Photo's are taken in dry situation. 

Boulder opal balances and aligns all chakras, has the ability to restore you to uptimum health after times of stress or negativity. Really allows you to show your inner strength and let your inner radiance shine through. Enhances the inner and outer beauty and therefore promotes harmony in friendships and relationships. It can connect you to the cosmos and if you would like to it can help you with spiritual traveling and shamanic journeying. It can also assist you in seeing aura's, allows you to stay positive and optimistic.