Rough Minerals

Rough Boulder Opal pieces and parcels are uncut and unpolished. Sometimes the minerals are of lesser quality (no play of color) or do have great colors but also cracks or crazing. These pieces usually end up in a collection. You never know what might be inside though, if you cut and polish these minerals yourself, who knows what beauties you may find inside!


Half Rubbed Boulder Opal pieces are still rough but have been rubbed and polished partially to expose a nice opal seam. We do this so you can see the potential of it, in case you might want to cut and polish them yourself. They could also become a new addition to your collection, since the most beautiful parts are (in most cases) already perfectly polished.


Every product has a little list of what to expect. For example, some parcels might have cracks or crazing (but still stunning to look at) whilst some may be in mint condition, only needing cutting and shaping before they will be ready to use in jewelry.

Again, for any questions, feel free to contact us.

Rough Boulder Opal

Half Rubbed Boulder Opal

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