Autumn/Samhain Experience Box '22

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"The Samhain Experience Box with 3 different necklaces to choose from - And 20+ other items" 

The necklaces really represent this autumny vibe Samhain brings you. A little bit spooky but doesnt let this spook you. Samhain comes with amazing aesthetics and rituals and this box is going to take you into this wonderful world. A mystical box full of surprises. 

Material: Recycled 925 Sterling silver

Gemstone(s): Horned god: Garnet, Lunar hand: Smokey Quartz, 7 lights of guidance: black onyx

Methods used: soldering, setting, engraving, blackening, polishing.

We loved creating these boxes and want to say a special thanks to every creator that worked with us. 

By obtaining this box you will not only get one of these precious sterling silver necklaces and support us, but you will also be supporting other incredible artists that worked together with us to provide you with the best Samhain experience. Believe us when we say this box is OVERFLOWING with amazing stuff!

What exactly you will be getting in the box besides the necklace is a surprise, though you might have seen some hints or a sneak peek on our instagram. To give you a little idea, please check out the artists that worked together with us for they are amazing people who work with a fierce love for their products. 

Hickory Store - Something woody that you can always carry with you, and it is so pretty! 

Herbs and Stones Candles - Something that really smells incredibly nice! 

Amber Delahaye Illustraties - Something to reflect with and opens up your aesthetic senses! 

MoonKat JewelrySomething to help you with reflecting and everything you'd like an answer for!

Mijn Groene Vensterbank - A thing that really smells incredible and tastes nice! 

Mauvais Lienesch - Something that makes you cooking with excitement for this autumn season! 

Mei Ying / Doctor Wow - She has her way of stabbing in exactly the ways you'd like to! 

The Green Dream Shop - Something that really smells amazing and cleanses! 

Little Occult Ghost - Something that has to do with your future and an amazing holder for something. 

We also created some handmade items besides the necklace for you to attune to your Samhain celebrations and rituals. Our packages are made from FSC branded, re-used and bio-based materials because we care for our world. All creators working with us are also chosen for their views and practices to help grow a sustainable world.

Feel free to ask any questions on any of the products through mail or instagram DM's. Thank you so much! We are sure that this will create the loveliest Samhain experience.

31-10-2022 is Samhain, we will send out the boxes on 24-10-2022 so the postal offices have enough time to send them in time. We are not responsible for delays by the postal office. 

6 months warranty starting from the day of delivery. Warranty on defects in workmanship. (Only on wolfstone items, for the other items check in with the creator)

Prices are include 21% tax.