Samhain box Bone Bar Necklace '21

Sold out

Only 8 spots available for this amazing Pre-order box. The box contains products with a total worth of €250,- 

You can order this Samhain box with the Bone Bar necklace and lots of other amazing stuff from Wolfstone, but also other amazing creators.

Also included:
- One handcrafted and painted Mushroom insence burner 
- Samhain themed Insence
- A bag of Self mined stones from grube clara 
- A lovely bag of samhain tea 

And also from the following lovely creators featured in this box: 

- Herbs Stones and Candles with a lovely samhain ritual candle.

- Anna Louisa and her Copper Forest Findings giving you a coupon code for 15% off on her shop.

- A Samhain themed zero waste cherry pit pillow by DeGroeneZoektocht. Also, she added some lovely local harvested sage cleansing sticks.

- Hollow Moon Art 10% coupon code and a lovely artprint randomly added to the box. 
- The Cranial Chaos 15% coupon code! 

The necklace is also being sold seperately as made to order piece after the samhain release for €125,-