Wolfstone Gift Voucher


YES! We also have gift vouchers for you or to give away as a present for a loved one. We understand that it is sometimes hard to choose between all the items in the shop, especially when it is for a loved one. Jewelry and art are both items that are subject to taste.
We send this voucher by e-mail so you can print it at home or forward it to the designated person, also with email. Ofcourse you don't have to pay shipping costs, because there are none. So when checking out be sure to choose the "Giftcard only free e-mail delivery" option. 

Have you received a voucher?
When placing an order, please note that the total amount of your shopping basket should not be lower than the voucher's worth or elsewise the checkout procedure can not be completed. Note: The vouchers are not refundable and cannot be used for custom or commissioned orders. 

When ordering with the gift voucher you can enter the code into the "discount code" box when checking out.