The witch step altar piece


Introducing the Witch's Step Altar Piece: a refurbished relic infused with the essence of witchcraft and the protective energies of the witch foot symbol. Crafted from reclaimed bones and refurbished with reverence, this altar piece serves as a focal point for spiritual practice, offering both symbolism and functionality to practitioners of the craft.

At its core, two ritual candles cast a soft glow, illuminating the sacred space with their flickering light. Their flames dance with the whispers of magic, inviting seekers to explore the mysteries of the occult and embrace their inner power.

But it is the presence of the witch foot symbol that truly sets this altar piece apart. Symbolizing protection, connection to nature, and the traditions of witchcraft, the witch foot serves as a potent reminder of the witch's journey along the crooked path of magic and mysticism.

Adjacent to the candles, a moonwater font awaits, offering a vessel for sacred offerings and ritual practices. Whether used to store moonwater for spellwork, offer libations to the deities, or house a tiny plant as a symbol of growth and renewal, the moonwater font adds an additional layer of functionality to this altar piece.

To have the Witch's Step Altar Piece adorning your sacred space is to invite the energies of protection and guidance into your practice. Whether used for spellwork, meditation, or simply as a focal point for reflection, it offers a tangible connection to the ancient wisdom of the witches and the power of the natural world.

With the Witch's Step Altar Piece as your guide, may you walk confidently along the path of the witch, embracing your inner power and honoring the sacred traditions of the craft.

Size: 22 x 16 x 6

Room for 2 ritual candles.

Handpainted art on refurbished holywater-font.