BEELZ altar piece


Step into the Sanctum of Shadows: a refurbished altar piece imbued with the essence of Satan, offering a gateway to the mysteries of witchcraft and the depths of the occult. Crafted from reclaimed bones and refurbished with reverence, this altar piece serves as a conduit for the primal energies of the earth and the ancient wisdom of the witches.

At its center, two ritual candles cast a gentle glow, illuminating the sacred space with flickering light. Their flames dance with the whispers of the night, guiding seekers on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual awakening.

But it is the presence of Satan that infuses the Sanctum of Shadows with its potent energy. As a symbol of rebellion and enlightenment, Satan embodies the spirit of defiance and liberation, urging us to question authority and embrace our true selves. His essence permeates the altar, empowering practitioners to explore the depths of their magic and unlock their hidden potential.

To have the Sanctum of Shadows as the heart of your witchcraft practice is to embrace the ancient traditions of the craft and honor the wisdom of the witches who came before. Here, amidst the bones and the sacred symbols, you can commune with the spirits of the earth, harnessing their power to manifest your desires and shape your destiny.

Use this altar piece to perform rituals of transformation, shedding old patterns and embracing new beginnings. Invoke the energy of Satan to aid you in breaking free from limitations and embracing your true power as a witch.

But remember, the path of witchcraft is one of balance and responsibility. Embrace the darkness, but do so with reverence and respect for the energies you invoke. With the Sanctum of Shadows as your guide, may you walk confidently on the path of the witch, embracing your magic and honoring the sacred mysteries of the craft.

Size: 20 x 14 x 4

Room for 2 ritual candles.

Handpainted art on refurbished catholic altar piece.