Spring/Beltane Experience Box '24

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🌸 A Blossom Ablaze - An Untold Story 🌸

Step into a world where the enchanting whispers of three powerful witches come to life in Atelier Wolfstone's Beltane Box 2023, "A Blossom Ablaze - An Untold Story." This magical collection unveils the essence of Beltane through the artistry of 9 unique boxes, each carrying a tale of its own.

Material: Recycled 925 Sterling silver

Gemstone(s): T1 - Fertility: Pink Chalcedony, T2 - Blossoming: Peridot, T3 - The Fire: Garnet

Methods used: soldering, setting, engraving, blackening, polishing.

🌿 In every box, discover a curated selection of items from Atelier Wolfstone and 10 other visionary creators, including magical self-care items, witchy homeware, whimsical jewelry, and ritual helpers. In total there will be more than 15 items in these whimsical treasureboxes. 

As Beltane approaches, we express gratitude to the artisans who brought these treasures to life and to you, our kindred spirits, for joining us on this mystical journey. The Pre-order portal to the "A Blossom Ablaze - An Untold Story" Beltane Boxes opens on 01-03-2024 at 20:00. Embrace the magic, embody the mystery. Welcome to the untold story of Beltane. 🔥🌸

T1 Box: Fertility - €250 ✨ Embark on a journey of renewal and endurance with our Ginkgo Leaf and Pink Chalcedony necklace. Crafted in sterling silver, this powerful piece embodies the enduring cycle of life, fertility, and growth. The Ginkgo leaf symbolizes longevity and hope, while Pink Chalcedony adds a touch of love and emotional healing.

T2 Box: Blossoming - €275 ✨ Embrace the flourishing energy of Beltane with our "Blossoming" necklace featuring a wildflower adorned with a radiant Peridot. This symbol of growth, fertility, and natural essence captures the untamed spirit of Beltane. The harmonious relationship between the wildflower and Peridot mirrors the cycles of nature and the festival's vibrant energy.

T3 Box: Fire - €300 ✨ Ignite the flames within with our "Fire" necklace, featuring a burning heart adorned with a faceted dark red Garnet. This potent symbol of passion and intensity serves as a reminder to embrace your inner fire, pursue passions wholeheartedly, and celebrate the vibrant energies of Beltane. The faceted Garnet intensifies the transformative power of love.

The other carefully curated creators featured in all of our boxes: 

🌙 @psychara - Whether tattooing or crafting, Psychara consistently conjures the most enchanting critters for you to adopt.

🌿 @healingwandnl - A true force of nature, they work with wood and gemstones to craft witch tools that harness power for your spells.

🌺 @antaia.nl - With an expertise in oils and herbs, her creations not only smell divine but also share botanical wisdom drop by drop.

🌟 @foxandbonetattoos (also known as @hedgewitchcreations) - Affectionately known as "ons liekske," her creations transcend the ordinary. Her tattoo work is a magical spectacle in itself.

🔮 @solfylte_hjorte_orakels - Brace yourself for a tarot realm spectacle! With rich knowledge, she's preparing something truly special for this box.

🌸 @sweetwitchcreations - Master in capturing the essence of the goddess in her creations, providing the perfect ritual items to awaken the goddess within you.

🍄 @mushroomsandmoths - A creator whose pieces spark joy, influenced by the forces of the moon and nature. Each creation is a testament to her deep connection with the mystical.

🧙‍♀️ @danu_illis - Every movement she makes weaves a creation to life. Her ritual adornments and wears are tailor-made for the Beltane celebrations.

🌹 @elderrosecreations - A creative centipede, weaving whimsy into everything she touches, bringing forth creations in the most honest and enchanting way.

🌿 @littleoccultghost - Cunning and keen, she artfully blends herbs and scents until she achieves the perfect mix, adding her magic touch to the Beltane celebrations.

We also created some handmade items besides the necklace for you to attune to your Beltane celebrations and rituals. Our packages are made from FSC branded, re-used and bio-based materials because we care for our world. All creators working with us are also chosen for their views and practices to help grow a sustainable world.

Feel free to ask any questions on any of the products through mail or instagram DM's. Thank you so much! We are sure that this will create the loveliest Beltane experience.

01-05-2024 is Beltane, we will send out the boxes on 25-04-2024 so the postal offices have enough time to send them in time. We are not responsible for delays by the postal office. 

Photo's made by @Dewi.Maxime @hedgewitchcreations @Sambria.png and @handofthewolf

6 months warranty starting from the day of delivery. Warranty on defects in workmanship. (Only on wolfstone items, for the other items check in with the creator)

Prices are include 21% tax.