Autumn/Samhain Experience Box '23

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🍂 Unveiling the Enchantment: Woodland Coven Samhain Box 2023 🍂

Step into a realm where ancient mysticism intertwines with modern artistry, as Atelier Wolfstone proudly presents the Woodland Coven Samhain Box 2023, a magical tapestry of 25+ meticulously crafted items that beckon you to embark on a journey of samhain rituals, self-care, homeware, and exquisite jewelry.

Material: Recycled 925 Sterling silver

Gemstone(s): T1 - Witch Brew: Red Agate, T2 - Harvest Moon: Tourmaline Quartz, Haunted Forest: black onyx

Methods used: soldering, setting, engraving, blackening, polishing.

Among the treasures nestled within, our centerpiece is a collection of 9 sterling silver necklaces, each an embodiment of nature's whimsy and spiritual energy.

🌙 Explore the bewitching trio of Witch Brew necklaces, adorned with Red Agate, a stone of passion and vitality, channeling potent energy into your mystical practices.

🌕 Illuminate your path with the Harvest Moon necklaces, adorned with Tourmaline Quartz, a guardian of balance and transformation, guiding you through the cycles of life just as the moon waxes and wanes.

🌲 Venture into the depths of the Haunted Forest with the third trio, where Black Onyx reigns supreme, a talisman of protection and resilience. Let its grounding presence anchor your spirit amidst the ethereal dance of shadows.

🌟 Collaborating with 12 visionary creators, we've woven a symphony of spirituality and playfulness into every corner of this box. From sacred tools for Samhain rituals that bridge the realms, to whimsical homeware that echoes with the laughter of forest spirits, and captivating jewelry that whispers ancient secrets against your skin – our Woodland Coven Samhain Box 2023 is a tribute to their boundless creativity.

Immerse yourself in spirituality, as you embrace the sacred connection between self and universe during this enchanting season. And with a playful wink, indulge in playfulness, allowing your inner child to dance beneath the moonlit sky.

🍁 As Samhain approaches, let us express our deepest gratitude to the artisans whose hands breathed life into these treasures, and to you, our kindred spirits, for joining us on this mystical journey. Wait until 25-08-2023 to unlock the Pre-order portal to the Woodland Coven Samhain Box 2023, where enchantment awaits at every turn.

🔮 Embrace the magic. Embody the mystery. Welcome to the Woodland Coven. 🔮

@rebeccamiek creates amazing ceramic works. You might know her from our last beltane box where she added the cutest items. In the Samhain box will be some amazing items from her hand again!

@SolfylteHjorte is going to give some more spiritual depth to these amazing necklaces. It has something to do with cards and it has something to do with her profession. Readings. 

@kimiwaruixbunnies creates the cuuuutest bunnies from re-used fabric. She is going to create some lovely items from all kind of fabrics. Go check them out, cuteness overload!

@maryfeywood creates amazing artwork. It always baffles us what she creates. There is no single piece that we call "meh" it is all so beautiful and ethereal.

@hollow_moon_art is also an amazing artworker and mixed media artist! Did you know she also creates amazing dreadwraps? Is there something this woman can't do?

@officiallirma is also an amazing mixed media artist who creates the lovelyest items. From wood to wool. From cute shrooms to medeival like crests. who doesnt know her yet should be ashamed. Her oils are out of this world good! They smell so nice and work amazing in any ritual.

@littleoccultghost yay! Glad to have you back again dear Tess. She reads cards as a pro and her creations are so witchy and cute!

@ronafly_creations creates the most amazing artworks and prints them on. Well. Anything. Name it. And she has it. Her work stole our hearts.

@magic_witchin oh my dear arganthe you are an amazing sweet loving woman and your view on witchcraft is a real treat to this world creates lovely photography. Background work and natural themes. Oh my word it is so ethereal.

@claudiafranny dear! It is amazing to have you and your crafts in our box. She is a collector of glass items and creates amazing scented candles

We also created some handmade items besides the necklace for you to attune to your Samhain celebrations and rituals. Our packages are made from FSC branded, re-used and bio-based materials because we care for our world. All creators working with us are also chosen for their views and practices to help grow a sustainable world.

Feel free to ask any questions on any of the products through mail or instagram DM's. Thank you so much! We are sure that this will create the loveliest Samhain experience.

31-10-2023 is Samhain, we will send out the boxes on 21-10-2023 so the postal offices have enough time to send them in time. We are not responsible for delays by the postal office. 

Photo's made by @Dewi.Maxime @Meartimus.Pictures @solfyltehjorte and @handofthewolf

Credits to the models: @ninahexna @psychara @Lunaaylene @solfyltehjorte @meadows.realms @reyneardwands @simonillo @healingwand @brennie_brenda @antaia

6 months warranty starting from the day of delivery. Warranty on defects in workmanship. (Only on wolfstone items, for the other items check in with the creator)

Prices are include 21% tax.