Ringsizer (EU sizes)


A ring sizer is a useful tool for determining your ring size accurately before purchasing a ring. It's a small, plastic device with various ring sizes marked on it. Here's how to use a ring sizer, why it's important, and why you might consider ordering one from Atelier Wolfstone:

Here is a little Reel on the Wolfstone Instagram that explains you how to measure your ringsize

How to Use a Ring Sizer:

  1. Obtain the Ring Sizer: Order a ring sizer from a reputable source, such as a jewelry store or online retailer.

  2. Measure in Optimal Conditions: Make sure your fingers are at a normal temperature, as cold or hot fingers can affect the accuracy of the measurement.

  3. Find a Comfortable Fit: Gently slide the ring sizer onto your finger. You should feel a snug, yet comfortable fit. It should slide on easily but offer a slight resistance when coming off.

  4. Read the Size: Once you've found the most comfortable fit, note the size indicated by the arrow or marker on the sizer. This is your ring size.

Why Use a Ring Sizer:

  1. Accurate Sizing: A ring sizer provides a precise measurement of your finger, ensuring that the ring you order fits comfortably and securely.

  2. Avoid Hassle: Ordering the wrong ring size can be frustrating, leading to returns, exchanges, or adjustments. Using a ring sizer minimizes this hassle.

  3. Online Shopping: When shopping online, it's challenging to try on rings beforehand. A ring sizer allows you to confidently order the correct size.

  4. Gifts: If you're buying a ring as a gift, having an accurate ring size prevents awkward situations and ensures the recipient can wear the ring immediately.

Ordering from Atelier Wolfstone:

  1. Quality Assurance: Atelier Wolfstone is known for their craftsmanship, so you can expect a high-quality ring sizer from us.

  2. Matching Aesthetic: By ordering from the same brand you're considering for your ring purchase, you ensure that the ring sizer matches the overall aesthetic of their jewelry.

  3. Personalized Guidance: Atelier Wolfstone might provide specific instructions on how to measure using their ring sizer, ensuring accuracy and a smooth shopping experience.

  4. Confidence in Your Order: When you order a ring from Atelier Wolfstone, you'll have greater confidence that the ring will fit well, leading to a more satisfying purchase. If you have any troubles with sizing please reach out to us. We'll help you guide you through it.