Boulder Opal rough 04


This boulder opal is originated from the Quilpie mine in Australia.

Size: 6 cm x 3.5 cm x 2 cm 
Weight: 50 grams
Small cracks on the visible opal seams, but this might still have future if you wish to cut this yourself. Bits of green and blue play of color. If you wish to see a video, simply contact us.

These seams of opal still sit in their host rock, which in this case is ironstone or fossilized sandstone. The opal inside is yet to be discovered but the pieces you can already see are sometimes already amazing to look upon, and give a good indication of what can be found inside the rock.

Photo's are taken in dry situation.

The stones we sell are pieces we can't use for making our jewelry. You could discover its beauty by cutting and polishing them yourself or you could use it as decorative or healing stone. 

Boulder opal balances and aligns all chakras, has the ability to restore you to uptimum health after times of stress or negativity. Really allows you to show your inner strength and let your inner radiance shine through. Enhances the inner and outer beauty and therefore promotes harmony in friendships and relationships. It can connect you to the cosmos and if you would like to it can help you with spiritual traveling and shamanic journeying. It can also assist you in seeing aura's, allows you to stay positive and optimistic.